Why Local Infrastructure Matters When Selecting Ideal Investment Locations


Why Local Infrastructure Matters When Selecting Ideal Investment Locations

When looking for the right property to invest in, the final decision should never come down to just the property alone.

You also need to consider the price, terms of the contract and, of course, the location. However, the location is not only about where you’re buying – it’s also about the amenities found in that specific area too.

What separates average investors from smart investors is considering an investment location based on its local infrastructure – as current and planned projects can really make a significant difference to your property investment returns and capital growth.

So, to help you out, let’s discuss the importance of infrastructure in property investment decisions and how you can use this to make the most out of your new purchase.

What is infrastructure?

In the context of buying a property, infrastructure refers to all of the physical systems in a region, such as transportation and electric systems, communication networks, water and sewage systems, shopping centres, roads, hospitals and schools.

These are the high-value investments that largely impact economic development as they are involved in the production of public goods and services. Needless to say, the government puts a lot of funding and effort into developing suburb infrastructure. In fact, ABC Labour Force reports that Queensland recorded nearly 1700 local government projects that generated over 7600 regional jobs in 2020-21 alone.

These systems contribute toward creating jobs and servicing the needs of the local community, making them vital considerations when choosing a property location.

Why consider local infrastructure when investing in property?

Major infrastructure projects such as the building of hospitals, roads and schools, as well as the existence of large employment hubs and accessible transport links indicate powerful growth potential. This type of neighbourhood is also attractive for those in search of long-term lifestyle living, and will significantly increase the demand for properties in that area today and in the future.

As an investor, thinking about the factors that will boost the value of your purchase in the long run is a must – hence, the importance of understanding the role of infrastructure when looking for your next investment property.

The quality of infrastructure within a community directly affects the quality of life of its residents. So, a property in a region with reliable electric systems, clean water, great schools and efficient transport systems tends to have a higher value than properties in areas that have outdated or damaged infrastructure systems.

So, when selecting the best locations to invest in, it is important to consider its local infrastructure systems – both the existing and the planned ones – as these can help increase the value of your investment property.

How can you make the most out of your investment with infrastructure knowledge?

At Worth Property Investing, considering the infrastructure is the third step of our signature five-step method. We know that infrastructure projects in a community can uncover incredible investment opportunities for those with a trained eye.

When looking at a particular area to buy a property in, just ask yourself these three questions:

  • Does this area have growth potential?
  • Is it attractive to new residents?
  • Does it offer a convenient, high-quality living experience?

If you answer “yes” to these questions, chances are, it’s a good place to invest in. However,  if you’re still not sure, we can help.

Are you looking to purchase a property in Queensland?

Purchasing a property on your own is challenging. There’s so much to consider and so many different factors that can influence your decision.

However, with the right Buyer’s Agent on your side, you can make your property decision with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the infrastructure systems in the area – as well as the planned ones – have all been taken into consideration and you’ve received the right expert advice.

So, if you’re looking to buy a home in Queensland, speak to me and my team.

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