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Full property search

Choose the right investment property and you’ll be rewarded. But which one is the right one?

Whether you are a first-time property investor or you have an established and growing portfolio, getting the investment strategy and the investment property right isn’t easy.


Worth Property Investing can help you to make smart property investment decisions. We are fully licensed real estate agents who work for you, the buyer. We only buy and never sell property. We find properties, Australia wide, that are worth investing in because they offer the potential for good rental yields and solid capital growth.


We base our recommendations on the facts. Emotions never come into play. You can be confident that our recommendation will meet your investment goals. Plus, our end-to-end service for property investing Australia wide means we coordinate all aspects of the buying transaction, including searches, evaluations and negotiations. Easy.




Self-managed super

A self-managed super fund can outperform a traditional super fund, but only with the right property investment and right support. Who’s supporting you?

Our experience in developing the right strategy and finding the best investment property means we are perfectly placed to help you purchase property for your self-managed super fund – whether you have a newly established fund or a growing fund portfolio.


Our alliances with certified practising accountants and business advisers, with strong experience in the self-managed super market, mean you have all the support you need. Add to that, the partnerships we have with self-managed super fund financial planners, and even the more complicated aspects of self-managed super fund ownership can be effectively managed, including:


  • Borrowing within your SMSF
  • Purchasing property in your SMSF
  • Purchasing business premises in your SMSF
  • Setup of investment portfolios in shares, managed funds, bonds and term deposits
  • Setting up your personal insurance through your SMSF
  • Running pensions through your SMSF
  • Establishment and maintenance of Transition to Retirement strategies
  • Estate Planning with your SMSF




Notwithstanding any advice, comments or representations made by any representative of WORTH PROPERTY INVESTING, we advise that we are not accounting, taxation or superannuation advice providers or specialists. Therefore, you should obtain professional accounting, superannuation and taxation advice in relation to any proposed purchase of property and investment in property by any trust, fund, including but not limited to SMSF’s. In the event that you intend to purchase on behalf of a trust or fund (including but not limited to SMSF’s) you will require specialised legal, taxation, accounting and superannuation advice. These professionals and specialists will be able to effectively help you manage your investment on behalf of your fund or trust entity. WORTH PROPERTY INVESTING are not specialists or professionals in these areas and are not authorised or qualified to provide advice in these areas. You undertake to obtain professional advice from accountants, lawyers, taxation specialists and superannuation specialists in this regard.




What’s the biggest expense you will bear in your lifetime? For most of us, it will be a mortgage. Partner with a professional mortgage broker and minimise the outlay.

Not all mortgage brokers are the same. We have alliances with established mortgage brokers with experience in both the financial services and lending sector. They are specialists with the skills to find a loan to suit your needs and structure.*


Best of all, they do all the paperwork, running around and loan comparisons for you, and they get paid by the lenders, not you. With the right product confirmed, they will keep you updated throughout the loan application process. Your Worth Property Investing consultant will also keep in touch to ensure everything stays on track.


Your mortgage broker’s service doesn’t end at settlement; they will remain your point of contact for any changes or questions about your loan now and in the future.



Worth Property Investing Pty Ltd does not provide financial product advice nor provide any information in relation to particular credit products, you should seek independent financial advice prior to making a decision about a financial product.


*Subject to Lender Terms, conditions and approval criteria.





With the right property investment plan in place, anything is possible. Who is helping you to plan to achieve your property investment goals and maximise the return you receive from your property investment?

We understand the property cycle and the Australian property market. Demographic, economic and emotional factors can affect supply and demand. This, in turn, can influence the property market.


We monitor property cycles and aim to help our clients purchase close to the bottom of the property cycle, or as it starts to rise. Using smart unbiased research, Worth Property Investing can help you to understand how the cycle works, and help you to plan to make the right investments – investments that will work for you.




You’ve found your dream property but how do you know if you’re overpaying? Having a skilled negotiator on your side makes all the difference.

Our team are experienced negotiators who know all the ins and outs of the property buying process.


When it feels hard to remain calm and confident, we can have those tricky conversations on your behalf. It’s our job to negotiate objectively and impartially to get you the best terms possible.


We can be the difference between a good deal and a great one.




Auction bidding

Auctions are public, high-pressure affairs that can be intimidating, especially to unexperienced bidders who often make emotionally influenced decisions. How do you make an effective bid?

We can help you make informed, unbiased auction choices that fit your brief and budget, by bidding on your behalf. Our team are experienced, strategic auction bidders who understand the auction process.


We use our knowledge and market research about the property’s current market value to ensure you don’t go over budget or pay more than the real value of the property.


Whether you’re feeling uncertain or simply cannot make the auction date or location, we can save you time, money, and stress as your auction representatives.