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Welcome to a world of wealth, guided by Worth Property Investing.

Embark on a journey to create a thriving property portfolio with our Queensland Buyers Agent services, designed exclusively for you.

Imagine reaching your property dreams faster and with greater peace of mind. Our expert team of Sunshine Coast Buyers Agents, led by Simon Read, combines advanced research and personalised advice to help you do just that: making property investment in Queensland smoother than ever.

Partner with us to secure worthwhile real estate investments or home purchases that resonate with your unique goals.

Your dream property portfolio is within reach, and Simon is here to guide you all the way.

I want an expert Queensland
buyer’s agent to

I want an expert Queensland buyer’s agent to

Help me achieve
financial freedom smoothly

Alleviate effort, stress
and uncertainty

Handle major decisions
to save me time

Who are you?

Are you an interstate, overseas or local property buyer feeling the weight of uncertainty?

We understand that navigating the complex landscape of Queensland property acquisition – from researching markets and touring properties to negotiations, inspections, and paperwork – can all be overwhelming.

So, let us be the guiding light that leads you to your new home, alleviating stress and uncertainty. Our seasoned Sunshine Coast Buyers Agent expertise ensures that your journey is not just smoother, but a source of excitement and assurance.

It’s time to find your next property purchase with confidence. So, where are you coming from?

What our customers can expect

As buyers agents in Queensland and Sunshine Coast locals ourselves, we work directly with you on your behalf to advise, perform in-person due diligence and help you buy Queensland properties.

Here are some of our recent property purchases.

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Advertised Price


Purchase Price


Rental Yield


Advertised Price


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Help me achieve financial freedom smoothly with property

We help our clients build a diversified Queensland real estate portfolio that generates passive income, giving them the freedom to enjoy their dream lifestyle.

We simplify the process of finding Queensland investment properties with strong cash flow and long-term capital growth potential. Experience a stress-free investment journey and effortlessly build your real estate portfolio with our expertise and experience.

Alleviate effort, stress and uncertainty with property buying

We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your freedom and peace of mind, in search of freedom and peace of mind.

Instead, we will remove the grunt work from the Queensland property buying process, leveraging our experience and expertise to alleviate stress and uncertainty.

As Sunshine Coast Buyers Agents, Simon Read and the team relentlessly seek out the hidden real estate gems that help you achieve your desired lifestyle. This means maximum returns with minimal effort – it’s WORTH it.

Handle major property decisions to save me time and stress

Backed by years of experience, we can identify optimal investment properties and present them to you, eliminating significant time spent researching.

As dedicated Queensland property buyers, we employ our signature five-step method to ensure our clients secure the best properties that perfectly align with their lifestyle aspirations. By truly comprehending our client’s desires, we navigate the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast real estate market with utmost precision on their behalf.

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