If you’re keen to make a smart investment decision, we are here to help.

Do Real Estate Agents need to be Licensed?

In Australia, it’s against the law to practice real estate without a license. The Director of Worth Property Investing is a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent and an Accredited Auctioneer.

Is Worth Property Investing a member of any peak industry body for real estate agents and property professionals?

Yes, we are a member of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW), which is the largest and most influential association of real estate professionals in NSW. All REINSW members are bound by a Constitution and Code of Practice.

What experience do you have?

The Director has managed hundreds of real estate transactions on behalf of buyers, and has been involved in property investing since 2000. He ensures that his clients receive a one-to-one service and advisory that is based on verified market data, collected from Worth Property Investing’s comprehensive monitoring of property cycles across Australia.

Does the Director of Worth Property Investing actually invest in property?

Certainly, Simon has been involved in property investing since 2000 and he has built a multi-million dollar property portfolio which includes properties located in several states across Australia.

Do you sell property?

Worth Property Investing does not sell any property, we are completely independent and unbiased, and 100% committed to supporting you throughout your investment journey. We charge a fixed fee so there is no conflict of interest with percentage fees and no kickbacks from agents or developers.

Can you help me purchase an investment property?

Absolutely, Worth Property Investing offers a truly value-focused service representing buyer’s interests when purchasing a property, we offer an end-to-end service that takes the pain out of property investing, we research, locate, inspect, evaluate and negotiate to secure you, the buyer, with the best deal..

Can you recommend a mortgage broker to help us find a loan to suit our needs?

Yes, we have relationships with mortgage brokers that have extensive experience in the finance industry and the home loan marketplace. Please contact us to find out who we recommend.

DISCLAIMER: Worth Property Investing do not provide financial product advice nor provide any information in relation to particular credit products, you should seek independent financial advice prior to making a decision about a financial product.

Can I purchase a property in my Self-Managed Super Fund?

The answer will vary for each client and will need to be established based on your individual circumstances. You should obtain professional accounting, superannuation and taxation advice in relation to any proposed purchase of property and investment in property by any trust, fund, including but not limited to SMSF’s.

Worth Property Investing have relationships with certified practising accountants and business advisors who have strong expertise in the SMSF market and have assisted many clients in setting up a SMSF.

*WORTH PROPERTY INVESTING are not specialists or professionals in these areas and are not authorised or qualified to provide advice in these areas. You undertake to obtain professional advice from an accountants, lawyers, taxation specialists and superannuation specialists in this regard.

How much do I need for a deposit to start investing?

The amount will depend entirely on your investment strategy, the purchase price of the property and your borrowing capacity. We would recommend having roughly $120,000 in cash or available equity to purchase a quality, well located investment property, however clients can invest with less funds.