About Worth

I’m your trusted Queensland Buyers Agent, Simon Read. Here’s why.

I’m on a mission to make property investment in Queensland smoother and more personalised than ever.

As one of Australia’s leading Buyers Agents in Queensland, I can help you build wealth and reach your property dreams faster and with greater peace of mind through smart investments.

So, if you are seeking a completely “done for you” solution that will secure worthwhile real estate investments or home purchases that align with your goals for the future, I’m here to help.

Your dream property portfolio is within reach, and I’m here to guide you all the way.

But first…

I am one of Australia’s leading buyer’s agents and a successful property investor with over 20 years of Australian property buying experience.

I built my business, Worth Property Investing, to help my clients create generational wealth and achieve their life goals through smart property investments in Queensland.

As a fully licensed real estate agent (L.R.E.A), a member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, and a full-time buyer’s agent, I am incredibly motivated to share my knowledge and assist everyday Australians.

My training and education are wide-ranging. Starting from an engineering background to becoming a licensed real estate agent and accredited auctioneer before completing a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, I have analysed the property market from a variety of angles over a long career.

It’s this knowledge that ensures my property investing clients receive educationally backed, personalised guidance toward financial freedom.

What drives me? You!

I am driven by a passion for helping people achieve financial success, allowing them to scale back their day jobs and have more time for their loved ones.

I know first-hand the liberating difference that strategic investment decisions can make to someone’s life. So, fuelled by the idea that my expertise can bring immense freedom and happiness to the lives of my clients, I have worked relentlessly to develop a personalised, one-on-one Queensland property advisory service based on fully verified property data.

Using my expertise, I am driven to ensure your property journey is WORTH it.

My Strategic and Hands-On Approach

I am a believer that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your freedom and peace of mind, in search of freedom and peace of mind.

That’s why as a part of my mission to streamline the Queensland property investment process, I provide a complete “done for you” solution that is proven to eliminate stress and uncertainty, minimise risks, and maximise the return on your purchases.

I believe that Australians deserve a hassle-free property investment journey – my approach helps them do just that.

As a part of my mission, I wanted to create a step-by-step property purchasing blueprint for someone with limited or no real estate experience.

My book "Real World Real Estate" offers exactly that.