How to Avoid Emotional Property Decisions in Australia’s Booming Real Estate Market

The latest Australian property market data from CoreLogic is in.  It reveals that the Australian property market is experiencing a continued upward trend, signalling a generally positive outlook for the future.   But as property values rise, particularly on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay Region, so too are investors’ emotions, leading to misinformed and impatient […]

How (and Why) Queensland’s Rental Yields Continue to Outperform the Market

Whether at a family BBQ or another social event, you’re likely to have met someone investing or buying a home in Queensland in recent years. So much so, that you might have considered investing in the state of QLD yourself. So why are interstate property investors and first home buyers flocking to Queensland’s metropolitan and […]

How Interest Rate Trends Will Impact Queensland Property Investment in 2024

When it comes to Australian property investment, Queensland is a land of opportunity, attracting investors who seek the perfect balance between stability and growth. But, as 2024 gets well and truly underway, there’s one topic on every current and budding property investor’s lips – interest rates. And for good reason… Interest rates are a pivotal […]

How to Buy Queensland Property in 2024

Is Property Investing On Your Radar in 2024

As we settle into the new year, many people often take this opportunity to think about what they want to achieve over the next 12 months. For some of you, you might be looking to improve your fitness, get a promotion or spend more time with your family. For others, you may be thinking about […]

Where Should You Buy Your Next Investment Property: Queensland vs Perth?

QLD vs Perth Property Investing

Right now, as an Australian Buyers Agent, one of the most common questions I’m getting from property investors is this: Should I buy an investment property in Queensland? Should I buy an investment property in Perth? Of course, this is completely understandable. Both Queensland real estate markets and Perth real estate markets are performing very […]

2022 Wrap-Up for the Queensland Real Estate Market

2022 was quite a big year for the real estate market right across Australia. As Queensland Buyers Agents and Real Estate Sales Agents on the Sunshine Coast, we have seen both sides of the market throughout the year and have quite a unique view on everything that has happened. So, to finish this year off […]

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Property?

Is now the right time to buy and investment property? 5 factors to consider in the real estate market Is it a good time to buy real estate at the moment? When is the perfect time to purchase a property? This is one of the common questions I often get from my clients. As a […]

Is the Australian Property Market Really As Bad As Everyone is Saying Right Now?


Is the property market really that bad? The mass media are at it again. “The property market is tanking!” “Real estate is collapsing!” “The bubble is about to burst!” Panic, panic, panic. Headlines are all screaming blood. … but is this all media hype? Or are there legitimate reasons to worry? Here’s my more neutral […]

How The New Federal Government Affects Your Property Investment

How The New Government Affects Your Property Investment 1

How The New Australian Federal Government Affects Your Property Investment The results of the Australian 2022 federal election are in, and with the huge swing in the Labor Party’s favour, the majority has spoken and Anthony Albanese is our new Prime Minister, taking power from the Coalition after almost a decade in office. As a […]

Why Local Infrastructure Matters When Selecting Ideal Investment Locations


Why Local Infrastructure Matters When Selecting Ideal Investment Locations When looking for the right property to invest in, the final decision should never come down to just the property alone. You also need to consider the price, terms of the contract and, of course, the location. However, the location is not only about where you’re […]

The Importance of Due Diligence Before Purchasing Property in a Flood-Prone Area


The Importance of Due Diligence Before Purchasing Property in a Flood-Prone Area Recent flooding across Australia has been a very sad thing to watch. These floods across Queensland and much of the east coast of Australia have caused widespread devastation, with thousands of properties in flood-prone areas suffering significant damage. Many homeowners and families have […]