5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Queensland


5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Queensland

The recent few years have really shifted everyone’s way of life – or at least, the way they envision their lifestyle.

Now, more than ever, people have considered moving between states and one of the most recent trends is the rising interest in more regional areas.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Queensland has gained the most number of local migrants equating to about 7,000 over the March 2021 quarter, while Victoria lost the most residents at almost 5,000, followed by NSW at 4,500 residents.

The shift comes as Brisbane continues to evolve its status as a global city which is drawing interstate interest and will soon attract international immigration and overseas investment.

The great interstate migration

Extended lockdowns and condensed population numbers in NSW and Victoria have been cited as some of the main reasons why many southern Australians have been packing up and moving north of the Tweed.

In terms of responses to COVID-related cases and deaths, Queensland has outperformed its neighbouring states, particularly Victoria. Not only does this positively affect the residents’ health and wellbeing, but it also shows how the Queensland state government has a robust economic recovery plan in place.

With Queensland’s relaxed lifestyle, warm weather and beautiful beaches, it’s not surprising that many city residents are considering moving to this state.

5 reasons why Queensland is an ideal place to live

If you are still not convinced whether Queensland is the perfect place to settle, I’ve compiled five reasons to consider the northern state when looking for your next home to buy.

1. Strong economic growth

Over the past two decades, Queensland’s economic growth has seen a general upward trend which has exceeded the national average. The state’s $349 billion economy is supported by a range of industries and world-class services.

2. Beautiful landscapes

Queensland is known for its magnificent beaches and scenic drives to national parks – all of which are perfect to spend precious time with friends and family.

The famous Great Barrier Reef is also a popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike. With Queensland’s stunning coasts and breathtaking views, it’s clear why many free-spirited, life-loving people wish to relocate here permanently.

3. Fabulous weather

It’s a well-known fact that Queensland has some of the best weather in Australia.

The coastal region has plenty of warm weather all year round which means it is seldom cold in Queensland. With warm summers and beautiful winters, very few people will complain about being cold – almost every day is a perfect day to go for a swim!

4. Relatively affordable housing market

If you’re considering moving to Queensland, chances are it is because you’ve been priced out of the market in your current location. Compared to Sydney, property prices in Brisbane are relatively lower, which means a similar-sized property is cheaper. So, people can sell their current family homes in, say NSW, and find a high-grade property for about two-thirds of the price.

This is very enticing for families and individuals who are looking to create a more affordable lifestyle. 

 5. More job opportunities

The coming years will be exciting for both Queenslanders and sports fans as Brisbane has been selected as the host city for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 and the 2032 Olympics.

It’s anticipated that the event will generate at least 150,000 jobs across Queensland’s south-east, concentrated primarily in construction and hospitality. This means more job opportunities for people who are planning to start their careers in Queensland.

Are you ready to make your next big move?

Relocating to a different state in Australia is not an easy decision to make. It involves careful planning so you can start settling in and slowly adjusting to the different lifestyle Queensland has to offer.

Remember, this is just general information. As always, you should speak to your financial advisor to get advice that’s tailored to your specific circumstances.

However, if you are looking to buy a home in Queensland, speak to me and my team.

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