Property secured well below market value, with high rental returns


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Property secured well below market value, with high rental returns

Corinne and Raymond were first home buyers, however because they were looking in Sydney, they understood that they couldn’t initially afford to purchase their dream home. So instead, they were interested in entering the market to find an investment property which they knew would help them build their wealth while they both worked hard to save for the place they really wanted.

The challenge was that they had never looked at property before, nor had any real estate networks, knowledge or experience about the process of property investment.

The couple’s Financial Planner referred Simon from Worth Property Investing who not only looked after their entire investment journey, he also took the time to educate Corinne and Raymond at every stage, so they felt well-informed. As a result, they were very excited with the final outcome and even travelled to meet the tenants Simon had found; and to this day, those tenants are still happily renting in their property.

What Our Client Says


We had an amazing experience with Simon helping us find our first investment property. His knowledge and professionalism are outstanding and made us feel comfortable and confident knowing we made the correct decision.

With Simon taking care of all our desires and wants within the whole process, it took the stress off us. We truly appreciated your positive, honest process and to go above and beyond everything is wonderful. We would recommend you to anyone looking for their first investment property.

With everything taken care of from start to finish, we cannot thank Simon enough for this journey.

Corinne and Raymond - GYMEA, SYDNEY